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About Sarah-Kate


I’m Sarah-Kate.

I think the best example that I can use to describe myself is the time in high school where elective subjects became a thing.
After sticking out the first 3 years of high school learning about geology, history, maths, P.E, science etc, it was finally my time to shine.
I remember getting given the piece of paper with the different days and classes available and I think they tried to arrange it so that students had to choose some creative subjects and some of the previously mentioned subjects. But I was determined.
I remember meticulously going over every possibility and somehow managing to fit every creative subject I could into my year 10 schedule. Give me Art, Give me textile and design, give me woodwork, give me photography, give me cooking, Give me anything tangible.
When I handed my forms in I remember the teachers look of “oh shit!.. this girl has somehow managed to drop every “proper” subject but english.. how has this happened”.. But I had done it. I had figured out how to spend the last few years of school hopping from one creative class to another and I finally felt like school had purpose.
After high school I followed my passion for photography into college where I completed my Diploma of Art (applied photography) at The International College of Professional Photography in Milsons Point.

10 years later, I am a devoted mother to a small human named Aubrey living in the beautiful lakeside suburb of Long Jetty, NSW, and still chasing anything that will quench my thirst for creativity.

Working as a wedding photographer for the past 7 years has been an absolute dream come true.
Photographing people in love on the happiest day of their lives is a blessing, and to be able to gift those memories to the couple to treasure forever makes my work meaningful and joyous.

I cannot wait to meet you and be a part of your beautiful journey.