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Linda & Sarah-Kate

Chasing Brightness-6

We are Linda and Sarah-Kate. Two friends who take photos of people in love.

Our story begins in 2007.  We met, like so many young people do, at college.  We didn’t hit it off right away and a whole year slipped by before we decided to share the burden of commuting from the Central Coast to Sydney together.  

These mini road trips solidified our friendship in a way that no other time together could have. Sharing mixed tapes, stories of our past and dreams for our future as professional photographers.

After college, we set out forging our way in the photographic industry, perfecting our unique styles and building our businesses. This whole time we were mimicking each others success.

We are both drawn to love, the ritual and ceremony of it and the way that humans are so open and vulnerable in love. To capture the moments surrounding this exchange is an honor we don’t take lightly. We have photographed many weddings in those years since college but it was never more harmonious than when we worked together.

Over the past 8 years, joining forces has been something we have talked about often. The first glimpse of this dream came out of the car rides in the early days of our friendship. We have been bouncing off each other since and have finally been able to make this dream into a reality.

We would love you to be a part of our story, as we would love to be a part of yours.